Welcome to Sailaway, your cruise agency in Kardamena. We offer four exciting boat tours on the stunning island of Kos. During the summer, two of our authentic Pirate Ships depart daily from the central port of Kos. Additionally, we provide pirate-themed cruises through the three bays, departing from Kardamena, and explore the volcanic island of Nisyros on our shark-themed catamaran.

About us Sailaway

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Our family has been in the seas for three generations and has led boats to successful journeys. Our ancestors were fishermen, and we used to dive for sponges in Pigadia with sails. In ’88, tourism activities began, and that’s when we got our first tourist boat, the Kefalos Express. It was a wooden boat… Since then, we have upgraded our fleet and we transformed it into a tourist vessel. We ventured into tourism. The new generations are educated (graduates), and the old ones rely on experience (experienced technicians). Over time, we evolved the boats. They are modern, fast, with unique decoration. We have 4 boats and hope for the 5th (we are planning due to lack of time). In 1991, we undertook the transformation of the vessel Antonios into a tourist-oriented craft. Subsequently, in 1994, we moved and renovated Captain Antonis to Perama and extended its dimensions by 10 meters. The Captain Dimitris was, initially, a yacht with uncompleted design and was repurposed into a tourist vessel in 2011. The acquisition of the ship Maria Magdalene in 2014 prompted its conversion from a fishing vessel to a pirate-themed craft. In 2016, following the sale of our larger vessel, we acquired the Captain Gero Antonis. In 2020, weunderwent a transformation, converting the ‘Pirates of Kos’ from a yacht to a fully realized pirate ship experience.Notably, in 2021, we embarked on the refurbishment of the lounge area within the Captain Gero Antonis, imbuing it with a thematic pirate ambiance. As of 2024, we anticipate the acquisition of a new vessel. The company consists of 4 boats, 7 buses (2 in Kos, 5 in Nisyros), and 2 travel agencies (Sail Away, Anthoulis Cruise). The core of the business is family-based and is the root of our success. Our goal is for the next generations to follow the business with more strength and faith and passion.

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